Zooper Tango Double Stroller Recalled Review

Zooper Tango Double Stroller is handy for twins or young children of similar age is being recalled because it may be hazardous to occupants.

Zooper Tango Double strollers are manufactured in China and distributed by Lan Enterprises LLC of Hillsboro, OR.

As you can see it is a GREAT stroller with many features to make your trip out and about with kids easy and comfortable.  It provides a very smooth ride thanks to the four independent wheel suspensions.  Your child can easily stay asleep while riding even when going over bumps.  You can push and turn this baby stroller with just one hand.  It turns on a dime and is effortless!

There is also an infant safety enclosure net on each canopy.  It provides security for your baby.  You can also unzip it (as shown) for air flow to your child or to check on them.

Specs of Zooper Tango Double Stroller

Zooper Tango Double Stroller Recalled Review

  • Small and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to transport two 30-lb children around in it
  • Folds like a dream
  • Turns so easily—I can turn this stroller with one hand
  • Great all-terrain as well as indoor shopping stroller

  • Lightweight (very easy to lift when folded and steer, one of the lighter weight stroller at 26 lbs)

  • Easy to maneuver (one handed, even one fingered, steering)

  • Well made (sturdy, solid, doesn’t feel flimsy at all, very well balanced even with 2 kids of different weights)

  • Excellent Canopies!!

  • Very easy to fold and put in car

  • Seats comfortable and well padded. Padded 5-pt harness.

  • Front wheel suspension (all wheel suspension would have been better though)

  • Great size.

  • Not car seat compatible (but BJ tells me they are working on this double stroller accessory for mid-2008)

  • Difficult to lock when folded (it took me a long time and a call to BJ support to figure out how to lock it to keep it folded.

  • When the seat is reclined, you can either have the back vented or you can put a weather cover over it.

Benefits To Use Zooper Tango Double Stroller 

  • The advantages of the Zooper Tango Double Strollers are the great canopies and how easy the BJ is to fold (much fewer steps than the Zooper).
  • The recompences of the Zooper over the BJ is that the ride is much smoother (due to full suspension on the Zooper over just front wheel suspension on the BJ), the Zooper is car seat compatible with a variety of car seats, and once you fold the Zooper it locks and you can stand it up.
  • However, the ease of folding and the excellent canopies on the BJ made this one the choice for me.

Final Words

This is great, especially if the seat is all the way up (gets them out of the way) or when the seat is reclined and it is a warm day (ventilation). But when it’s a cold day and your child likes to be reclined or semi-reclined, this is a problem. If the child is fully reclined, the weather covers fits over the back of the seat, covering the ventilation mesh. Thus buy this one of the best baby strollers.