Thule Spring Stroller Review

Thule Spring StrollerThe Thule Spring Stroller has a very sleek design along with sturdy construction. It specifically manufactured for maneuvering around narrow streets.

Let’s have a look together on the features of the particular product if you are getting anxious that what’s new in this most awaited model.

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Thule Spring Stroller Review

Compatibility and Design:

This Spring Stroller is inspired by its sibling from the jogging line-up, the now-iconic urban glide. However, the main difference that we have noticed so far is that the Thule Spring Stroller is more like a city baby buggy instead of a jogging stroller.

It reliable for baby aging around 6 months and weighing around 65 pounds. So, if proper care is given this particular model will serve you for years for multiple babies without compromising the ease of use and performance. Moreover, it is compatible with infant car seats—means you use this stroller from birth too.

Seat and Safety:

It doesn’t come with a fancy-looking seat, but it is well-padded to give babies and toddlers a much-needed comfort. There is one con, that the seat is not adjustable, but the footrest gives something to the baby to rest their legs on. However, it’ll help the older toddler to climb on the seat without any assistance.

Moreover, this Thule spring stroller comes with a 5-point safety harness to give parents an added peace of mind. The safety process is not straightforward for the kids to figure out very reliable for parents to use. So, even your child is the mischievous one he will be safe and sound during the whole ride.

Like other top-quality products the seat of this one can be reclined too—giving you the option to keep you kid upright or lean during their on-the-go naps. The backrest reveals the mesh window with the magnet flap when rolled down. This will maximize the airflow to keep the baby cool in hot summer days.


It features an extendable canopy along with sunshades to give better protection from harmful UV rays. However, the vented window at the canopy keeps the rider cool and comfortable. The canopy doesn’t include a retractable feature, but it generously covers the kid all up to the torso.

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Handlebar and Manoeuvrability:

No more neck pains with the relatively low or high handles—this Thule spring model comes with an adjustable handlebar which is a great plus for parents with short height. You can adjust the height very easily with juts a single-button press.

For the added safety the handlebar has a comfortable wrist strap, that will help you get a tight hold at the stroller in the sloppy terrains and when the breaks aren’t engaged properly. However, the strap is permanent on the hand side which very reliable for right-handed parents but could be annoying for lefties.

It is lightweight and gives a very smooth stroll. You can swivel it up to 360-degrees with only one hand, and it also has an option to lock at a fixed position.

  • Compact design with easy folding feature
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Lightweight
  • Extended canopy size with vented window
  • The seat is not adjustable



This Thule Spring Stroller has a very sleek design that gives smooth rides even on the bumpier places. The large canopy size, lightweight design, easy maneuvering, and adjustable handlebar are very reliable features. The price as well is not too high.

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