Phil & Ted Double Stroller Review

Phil and Teds Dot is an inline double stroller with a rumble seat that almost sits underneath the front seat and in the storage bin/tray.

This stroller brings some nice things to the table with a shorter footprint and easy maneuvering compared to much of the competition.

However, it doesn’t give the passengers a similar riding experience, and the bottom or rear passenger will end up occupying the entire storage bin with their feet.

We wanted to like this stroller when we first saw it, but after testing, we became disenchanted feeling that it is sort of cool, but not quite there.

This baby stroller is difficult to use, requires the removal of the rumble seat to fold, and lacks some of the convenience’s parents are likely to expect on a double stroller. In short, we feel this stroller could use a little improvement in design with a design that left us disappointed.

Phil & Ted Double Stroller Specs

Phil & Teds Dash Inline Double - Twins & tandems - Pushchairs - MadeForMums

  • Ease of Use – For ease of use, the Dot earned a disappointing 3 of 10, which is the lowest score for this group in the ease-of-use metric.
  • Brakes- The Dot brakes are single action requiring one push to engage. Applying and releasing the brakes is easy and sandal foot friendly with a soft pad on the underside of the brake pedal where the top of your foot presses.
  • Storage The photos above show two different angles of the “gear tray” for the Dot. If you imagine a child in the seat, you can see how quickly you’d lose room for even the monkey doll or a bottle.

Our Analysis on Phil & Ted double stroller

Phil & Teds has spent significant time working to create innovate products and has won several awards. Their products can be purchased internationally.

Fold and Unfold

The Dot has one of the more complicated folds because you need to remove the rumble seat. So, you’ll be responsible for two children, a folded stroller, a diaper bag, and the additional seat. This is a lot to carry! On the upside, you might be able to fit it in smaller spaces because it is divided in two.

Unfolding requires two hands to remove the seat, but only one to finish the fold. It has six steps, auto-locks, and does not self-stand. Unfolding is challenging with eight steps including the rumble seat.


The storage is referred to by Phil and Teds as the “gear tray,” which we think is a fun way of saying it isn’t a bin. When used with the rumble seat in place the “tray” all but disappears. In fact, when it comes to size, we list it as “not applicable” because you can’t use it when pushing two children as the second passenger’s leg fill the bin.

The Dot does not have any other storage, and while the manual claims the tray has an 11 lb allowance, we don’t see how you’d fit 11 lbs of stuff in the tray unless they mean baby’s legs.


The sunshade is small, and we rated it medium in size compared to the competition. It has extra ventilation and a vinyl peek-a-boo window on the top canopy, but there is no canopy for the lower seat.

Instead, it has stretchy mesh cover that extends from the top of the main seat to the back of the second seat. This placement creates a cocoon effect that keeps the sun to a minimum, but it isn’t the same as a canopy that blocks it entirely.

Perhaps Phil and Teds thought the top seat offers protection since it eclipses the bottom seat, but it is short-sighted to provide a shield that can be misplaced and leave baby exposed.

Most of the similar competition provide a canopy to both seats. The top canopy attaches to the frame with elastic loops that gives the whole thing a cheaper feel.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Phil and Teds a good brand?

Readers give Phil & Teds an enthusiastic thumbs up for a smooth ride and second-seat functionality. The height adjustable handle also wins raves. We like the little touches such as the flip-flop friendly brake pedal and new, bigger canopy.

Can you jog with a Phil and Ted double stroller?

Note: Manufacturer states that the phil&teds Sport buggy is not designed specifically for jogging. Its 3 wheel design provides extra maneuverability with it’s inline configuration, both as a single and a double stroller. The options this stroller provides are endless.

Final Words

This stroller is compact and fits almost anywhere. On hard flat surfaces, it pushes and navigates tight spots well which is great for city dwellers. When you get off the flat path and onto grass and gravel, the Dot perform well despite the trike design and rubber tires. So, you are able to push it through grass and over gravel with pneumatic tires. This is best baby stroller overall.