Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller Review

Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller now with a fresh look and upgraded features. The Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller rides like a double stroller but folds like a single, making transport and storage easy.

This stroller includes two seating positions, which can accommodate two Graco infant car seats at once, making it a best stroller for twins and siblings close in age. Plus, remove the back seat and easily convert to a bench seat or a standing platform for your big kid to ride along.

The close-to-you rear seat provides a closer connection with baby, while the lower seat is just the right height for easy in and out for your toddler. An easy-access, large storage basket has room for baby and parent essentials. Parent cup holder and child belly bar with cup holder are removable for your convenience. Full-sized canopies provide excellent coverage from sun and wind, and a one-step, self-standing fold makes folding and storage easy.

Specs of Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller

Stroller for Twins Babies

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  • When babies double, life gets crazy. The TwinRoo makes it easier.
  • Give attention to twins without the stroller handle or second car seat getting in your way.
  • Since babies don’t face forward in the TwinRoo frame, your double stroller is shorter and easier to turn.
  • This stroller cannot be used without adapters.
  • Each adapter set includes adapters for 2 infant car seats. Adapters sold separately.

When you’re expecting two, things get crazy fast. Built to carry two infant car seats with its custom click-in adapters (sold separately), the TwinRoo+ is unlike any other twin frame stroller out there.

Babies sit side by side in Joovy’s version of this multiple mom favorite instead of head to toe.

  •      Easier to maneuver than other twin-frame strollers
  •      Compatible with 23 major car seat models
  •      Ultra-sturdy frame for bulky car seats
  •      Easy one-handed fold
  •      Giant storage basket

  • Easier to maneuver than other twin frame strollers

  • Ultra-sturdy frame for bulky car seats

  • Easy 1-handed fold

  • Expensive; heavier and wider than some other full-size strollers

Frequently Asked Questions

What  About Storage Of Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller?

The TwinRoo+ has a very large under-seat storage bin that runs the length of the frame. It sits directly beneath both infant carriers when they are clicked in, and the location makes it difficult to get larger items into the bin with the seats in place.

We didn’t have any trouble getting the large diaper bag into the bin, but only with the seats off. You can get smaller items in and out between the seats or around the edges, but if your goal is to remove the bag or larger item, at least one seat will need to be removed. There is access to this bin from all sides, making it convenient for accessing smaller items quickly.

How Joovy TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Frame Stroller Sunshade Protect?

The Joovy does not come with seats or canopies included. The canopies for babies will be limited to whatever sunshade comes standard on the infant carrier car seat. While this may limit or prohibit 100% coverage of babies when snapped into the Roo+, it shouldn’t be a reason not to purchase it.

Final Words

The Twin Roo+ makes it easy to do errands when you can easily transport your twins in their car seat from the car and into the best stroller, even during nap time.