Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System – Best Compact stroller

Every new parent gathers a lot of stuff for babies for their and little one’s comfort. The stroller is one of the considerable items the parents want in a stylish design and comfortable seat.

Are you the parent of a newborn baby or up to 50 pounds? This article is specifically for you. The baby expedition travel system is one of the best recommendable best compact strollers for newborns, incredibly fulfilling users’ needs. You can venture out with your child to get some fresh air.

General Features of Best Compact Stroller

Over the past few years, The Expedition travel system model TJ94044, demand has increased. It’s a pink baby stroller and car seat combo with a compact design, solid steel body designed to ease the parent’s life. The adjustable 5-point safety harness makes a strong grip to ensure the baby’s safety.

Here, we are going to do a detailed, lengthy review of the baby stroller travel system.

Storage Basket

The stroller has an extra-large storage basket beneath the seat. It is enough to carry the baby’s necessary items like diapers, toys, clothes, and food items, etc.

The handles are at a height that is comfortable for parents to hold with a minimum of 5’3″ height and a maximum of 5’11” height. The adjustable handles of luxury pink stroller enable the tallest parents to adjust for their comfort.

Adjustable Canopy

The baby’s protection from the sun is very important. The compact stroller for travel ensures kid safety, as it is equipped with an adjustable canopy fully covered with sunroof ratchets. It blocks the wind, dust, and sun rays to keep the baby safe. There is also a large peek-a-boo window on the canopy cover near the handle, so kids and parents stay connected while riding. You can also adjust the canopy in the angle from where sun rays are directly coming.

Above the canopy near the stroller holder, there are two cup holders for parental use. A parent can put their keys, phone, drink, or napkin to go on a long walk happily.

Baby Trend Expedition Car Seat Specs

The Baby Trend Expedition Travel System comes with the EZ Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat that contains a lock-in car base. The pink car seat has latch equipped base that helps in easy installation.

The seat also has 4 positions push buttons for adjusting the height. Besides that, one-hand easy access allows the user to push the release button to separate the car seat instantly.

It also has EPS energy-absorbing foam as a safety device. It crashes the energy and prevents the baby’s body or brain from heat. It’s a superior quality protector that doesn’t bounce back the heat. Overall, this best stroller car seat combo accommodates up to 30-pound weights.

Compact Stroller Wheels

It’s a 3 wheel stroller. The front tire height is 12 inches, while the height of the rear wheel is 16 inches. The front wheels are featured with a swivel that supports maneuverability. Besides, that user can also lock the wheel during jogging to have a stable ride.

The sturdy wheels give a smooth ride over all types of terrain, e.g., cracked, sandy, or muddy surfaces, etc.

Some Extra Features

The pink baby swing also has a reclining padded seat to adjust the seat at multi positions. Using strap and buckle, you can adjust your baby at the right angle during sleep or sitting.

The expedition also contains a standard size child tray containing 2-cup holders. You can put some snacks, feeder, and toys there so the child could not feel boring while riding outside.

To fold the stroller seems quite daunting. But in the case of the Baby Trend Expedition stroller, its effortless trigger folding proves that it’s parent-friendly. The user needs to pull two fold triggers; then, it gets collapses automatically.

  • Front wheels featured with swivel

  • The car seat has LATCH equipped base.

  • Capable of carrying the weight from newborn baby up to 50 lbs

  • Its bubble gum color gives a classy look.

  • It’s a bit costly stroller.

  • The stroller weight is 41kg that’s a bit heavy.


Try this comfortable stroller to bring some joy daily in your little one life and make them feel fantastic. While going outside for jogging or strolling, you have to attach the car seat so you could fully enjoy your time with your little one. Just picture yourself with your little joy with a baby trend expedition travel system.