Allen Sports Premier Aluminum 1-Child Jogger

The Allen SST1 1-Child Jogger and Bike Trailer best baby stroller offers the perfect 2 in 1 product for the active parent. The item quickly sets up as either a fully functional fixed wheel jogger or bike trailer right out of the box. 16″ rear wheels and 12″ front wheel (for jogger mode) deliver low rolling resistance and large front and side windows let your passenger enjoy the ride.

Allen Sports Premier Aluminum 1-Child Jogger

Key Specs

  • Lightweight aluminum jogger with durable quick release 16-inch wheels
  • Safely and comfortably transports 1 child (up to 50 pounds max payload); Minimum age 6 months
  • Rear suspension smooths out the bumps in the road and a raised rear axle for running comfort
  • Five-point safety harness and a reclining seat
  • Easy trigger folding and push button release rear wheels
  • Allen’s warranty does not cover items purchased through third-party sellers

Further Features

Open Rear Axle for Natural Running Stride

The innovative frame on the Allen jogger stroller offers an open rear axle so that you run with a full stride without the jogger getting in the way. The lightweight aluminum frame on the jogger also incorporates rear suspension to smooth out the bumps in the road.

Reclining Seat Back

A fully adjustable seat back in the main cabin provides a wide range of seating options, and lets your little rider sit up and enjoy the ride or drop back to take a nap along the way.

Padded Seat and Five Point Safety Harness

A padded seat back with a five-point safety harness ensures for a safe and comfortable ride. Adjustable straps will accommodate a wide of child sizes from six months up to three years in age (max weight 50 LB/ max height 42 inches).

Onboard Storage

A large integrated onboard storage compartment provides lots of room for the gear you’ll need for a day out and about with your little buddy.

Final Words

Get outside for a day of adventure with the little one with the Allen Sports Premier Aluminum 1-Child Jogger baby stroller. It offers a nice solution for active parents. This children’s jogger offers a raised rear axle with an open frame design to provide a full running stride.

The rear suspension helps to smooth out the bumps in the road. Additionally, it includes rear pockets and a large lower storage area. The padded five-point safety harness securely holds your son or daughter in place during use. Plus, the seat reclines for added comfort while out and about. This unit uses an easy trigger fold design to make transport and storage simple and convenient.