The Nosler and the .300 PRC are both great calibers, but which is better for long range shooting? We’ll take a look at each and then compare them to see who comes out on top.


The 30 Nosler has a higher muzzle velocity and energy than the 300 PRC. The 30 Nosler also has a lower ballistic coefficient, which means it loses velocity more quickly than the 300 PRC. This can be good for hunting because it will drop less due to wind drift, but it’s not so great for long range shooting.


The .300 PRC is a better choice for long range shooting. This cartridge is more accurate, and it has a higher ballistic coefficient than the .30 NOSLER. It also has an inherently larger powder capacity, which means that you can load faster without sacrificing accuracy or velocity.

The 300 PRC has a rim diameter of 1.585″ and a neck diameter of 0.2878″. The 30 Nosler has a rim diameter of 0.570″ (which is almost half as much) and a neck diameter of 0.281″.


It’s no surprise that the .30 Nosler is more accurate than the 300 PRC. The .30 Nosler has a larger case capacity and heavier bullet, which means there is less room for error when it comes to precision shooting at long ranges.

It’s also worth noting that this cartridge was designed by Nosler as a high performance round for hunting and long range shooting, whereas the 300 PRC was designed for shorter distances. So if you’re planning on taking your rifle out on an expedition in deep woods or hitting targets from afar, then you’ll probably want to use the .30-06 caliber cartridge instead of the 300 PRC (or any other round).


So, which cartridge is better? The .300 PRC has the edge when it comes to barrel life and ballistic coefficient, but the .30 NOSLER boasts a higher muzzle energy and velocity at 100 yards. So, there’s no clear winner here.

If you want a short-action cartridge for your AR15 build that will give you fast follow-up shots and good accuracy at long range, the 6.5 Grendel might be the better choice for you.

If you’re looking for something with more power but still offers great performance out of an AR platform without sacrificing too much speed or recoil control, then maybe the .300 PRC would be a better option for your needs.

The 300 prc and nosler are great calibers, but the 300 prc is much better for long range shooting.

The 300 PRC is a great cartridge and probably the best hunting round out there, but it’s not the best for long range shooting. The Nosler, on the other hand, is a much better choice for that application.

The primary reason why I think this is because of its ballistics and powder capacity. The 300 PRC has better ballistics than the Nosler, but its powder capacity is much lower than what we see in .308s or .30-06s. This means you’re going to be able to push more bullets downrange with less recoil (and less wear) if you decide on a .300 PRC over either of those two calibers—or any other caliber for that matter!

Another thing I like about these two cartridges is their accuracy potential; they’re both very accurate when used properly (meaning don’t try shooting them at distances greater than 1 mile). But while both are accurate enough to make hits within reasonable distances with good equipment (bipod/tripod), only one stands out as being superior: The 300 PRC has longer barrel life which allows us more time before needing maintenance work done!


The Nosler and the Prc are both very good calibers, but the Prc is better at long range shooting.